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Ross’n Lorina

Lorina Kamburova is an actress, singer, and fashion model – she has starred in the Bulgarian TV series “Liaisons” and “Dear Heirs” and multiple Hollywood productions, including “Death Race 4” and “Nightworld.”

Lorina grew up listening to pop and rock bands, but her vocal technique has been shaped by her love for jazz, blues, and soul music. She is a student of and has been mentored by the great Bulgarian jazz singer – Kamelia Todorova.

Rossen Pentchev is a film and theatre actor, director, acting teacher – he has played a variety of leading and supporting roles and has directed more than 20 theatre plays.

Rossen is also a rock musician, whose style has developed through the years thanks to jazz and blues. He has been playing and singing in different rock bands since the 90’s and has authored a number of soundtracks for theater plays and motion pictures.


We are both actors and, naturally, we met on set, while shooting an international TV show. We quickly realized we had a lot of fun singing side by side. Soon, we started putting together a repertoire for live shows. In the beginning, we played gigs in small clubs in Sofia, where we performed mostly covers of our favorite bands and a couple of our own songs. With time, more and more of you started asking us to make more original music, which was what we wanted too. At present, we have a collection of about 30 original works. We have also recorded 4 official studio songs and made 3 music videos of our live acoustic performances. During the last 5 years, we have played more than 200 live shows across the country at small and large clubs, outdoor bars and creative spaces, festival stages, motofests, we took part at ‘Sofar Sounds Sofia’ and so on.


When words are not enough, you turn them into melodies.

The melodies that convey our emotions, which our mind cannot control, are at the core of our songs.

Every language possesses its own rhythm and melody. That is why some tunes sound great in one language, while others can only be appreciated in another. And that is why we write lyrics in both English and Bulgarian, depending on the mood and melody. As a result, the final musical arrangement of our songs can comprise a variety of genres and influences.


Our musical influences are abundant and varied due to the different music backgrounds we have as individuals.

Vocally, our duet has been influenced by songs, such as: “Where the Wild Roses Grow” by Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue; “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen; “Tonight” by David Bowie and Tina Turner. And our music, as a whole, has been inspired by international names like Etta James, Sade, Morcheeba, Tom Waits, Dire Straits, Depeche Mode, U2, Arctic Monkeys, NIN, Alice Cooper and Bulgarian ones, such as Lea Ivanova, Kamelia Todorova, and others.

In addition, our love for rock opera often translates to our songs, thereby giving them the texture of a musical or the ambiance of a movie soundtrack.


The album will be made up of a lot of the songs we have been performing live, as well as some brand new tunes, which we have not yet played in front of public.

The sound will be diverse and wide-ranging – our signature acoustic core will be enhanced by minimalistic electronic sounds, as well as piano jazz themes; there will be moments of powerful guitar riffs and solos (as is the case with the first recorded song for the album – “Dance the World Away”); certain songs will include a brass section; and some of the beautiful melodies of the leading vocals will be reinforced by multi-voice choruses. Besides acoustic drums, some of the songs will contain live percussion.

The lyrics and music are written and composed by Rossen Pentchev.


Even though our songs are created on acoustic guitar and are often performed unplugged, the final studio versions are substantially more complex and are influenced in important ways by the talented musicians, with who we work:

Kalin Jechev – keys and backing vocals – a professional musician and a teacher in the National Academy of Music with a lot of studio and concert experience in jazz, soul, pop, rock, and metal projects;

Dobromir Valkov – drums – a well-respected drummer, known for his work with Fyeld and Milena Slavova band;

Vasil Smokov – guitar – a great entertainer, who has played in Estraden Prevrat and many other Bulgarian bands and whose guitar sound is characterized by the deep flavors of blues and rock.

Smilen Slavstenski – bass – an established bass player, well known in Bulgaria from Poduene Blues Band and Saltriver.

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  • 01

    Песен за Том Уейтс

    City Songs Ross'n Lorina

  • 02

    Dance The World away

    Ross'n Lorina

  • 03

    The One

    Sofar Sofia Ross'n Lorina