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Dernier artiste à avoir rejoint l’aventure, Nikola Simeonov ne réalise pas seulement des covers de chansons célèbres, il est aussi compositeur de ses propres musiques et chansons. Il allie dans ses compositions des notes de reggae, hip hop, rock, pop et funk. Elles vous transmettront une foule d’émotions. Accompagné uniquement de sa Loopstation, son style […]

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Ross’n Lorina

Lorina Kamburova is an actress, singer, and fashion model – she has starred in the Bulgarian TV series “Liaisons” and “Dear Heirs” and multiple Hollywood productions, including “Death Race 4” and “Nightworld.” Lorina grew up listening to pop and rock bands, but her vocal technique has been shaped by her love for jazz, blues, and […]

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Duet DiVi

Duet DiVi is the singer Violeta Milcheva and the soprano Diana Bancheva Hristozova. The debut of the duo was in December 2016 when the two performed a cover version of the immortal Barcelona by Montserrat Caballé and Freddie Mercury for the first time in Bulgaria. Since then the duo has made arrangements of popular, and […]

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